Our vision is to ‘Inspire our next generation to fully live out God’s great adventure, so that they enthuse their peers and change their world.’

Our young people will not just be the leaders of society tomorrow, but the leaders in their peer groups today!

We believe in inspiring and running alongside young people as they discover who God is, who they are, and what God has for them as they live out the wonderful adventure of following Jesus.

Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity

1 Timothy 4:12

Our teenagers and young adults are integral to our church, it is for them as much as it is for students, adults and children. Therefore we highly value what we do with our young people on a weekly basis and aim for it to be an exciting environment with relevant teaching.

We have a lot of fun, share a lot of laughs, know how to demolish a tin or “Roses“ chocolate in record time so come and join us as we are always ready to welcome new people. If you are thinking of trying out one of our youth groups, you will be most welcome!

Where we meet regularly

West Kensington

Our fantastic teens meet at the West Kensington venue every Sunday where we join with the church for some of worship before walking around the corner to our office for some great teen time of having fun and meeting with God. We head back to church for the end of the service.
We also have socials that happen monthly and our mentorship groups that are every second week after church.


Our Every Nation Slough youth (school years 7 -13) meet in the drama room at St Bernard’s every Friday night from 6pm-8pm term time. It’s an easy time to hang out and catch up with friends at the end of the week. We listen to music, play games, snack on food and best of all we learn about Jesus and what it is to be in his family. Anyone in this age group is welcome to join so please don’t be shy and come along sometime.


Teenagers meet every second Sunday at our service venue from 3:30 to 5pm. They join the main service for the initial worship and then move to their meeting place for group discussion. It’s a relaxed environment where everyone is free to discover the truth about Jesus and His Word, as well as share the highs and lows of life together. Snacks are of course an important feature each time!

What we get up to

Youth Camp 2017

One of the biggest highlights of our year [ every year ] is our Summer Camp!!

From Monday the 31st of July to Friday the 4th of August we are heading out to Oakwood Youth Centre in Bracknell with 50 amazing teens and some equally awesome leaders to brave the British summer and have the time of our lives.

The fun that we packed into that week is far too much to fit into this small paragraph but suffice to say that it’s not often that you get to play spend your week hanging from high ropes, basking in the sun on Brighton beach’s pier, riding roller coasters, roasting marshmallows and laughing your belly sore at camp skits.

We have awesome worship time’s lead by our very own teens and then share how you can live a life that is totally UNASHAMED and learn about a God whose love for you surpasses all your previous understanding. Over group times you will get the opportunity to ask your deep questions and explore what faith means. You have to come along to experience it!

If you are a teenager and want to experience this for yourself or know a teen who would then please e-mail Lydia Anderson on  and we can send you out the application forms needed. It’s going to be another year of FUN FUN FUN!!!


Mentorship Groups

Life can be tough and school/college can bring on many stresses. We’ve found that it helps our young people to meet up in small groups with a leader and chat through life, get honest and say what is on their minds. We don’t want to see our young people struggle through their teenage and early adult years but empowered to soar through instead. We normally do mentorship every two weeks after youth group, and lunch is always provided. Mentorship groups are usually between 2-3 young people meeting with one adult.


Youth Band

We have a talented youth band that play both within our main church service and for separate youth events too. If you sing or play an instrument we would love to talk to you about the possibility of joining.


Social Hang outs

The clue is in the name; these are just what they say they are! These are great relationship building opportunities whether it be a movie and pizza evening, trying out skills at the local bowling alley, having a cookery competition or heading out to one of London’s great trampoline parks.

Invite your friends and come and join us at our next one!!!

Our Youth Team Leaders



West Kensington Family Pastor

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Stratford Pastor & Youth Leader

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In working with Children and teenagers we comply with the strictest policies to ensure the safety of our little ones and the bigger ones, too. Please click here to read our Youth Ministry Protection Policy.