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London is an amazing place to study, full of unique opportunities and challenges. If you are a student, we want to help you find home and be empowered for LIFE!

Welcome Students!


The student years are significant and shaping. It is an exciting life stage and a time of exploring identity, values, beliefs, and dreams for the future. These next few years will hold unique opportunities and new challenges.

We are here to help students navigate this journey and become all they can. Our goal as Every Nation Campus is to help students follow Jesus and be empower for LIFE – Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence.

We do this through a number of student connect groups that meet both on and off campus – where you can find a great community of friends to do life with and grow in following Jesus.

We also have regular student social and equipping events; London and European student retreats and conferences; active student societies at Imperial College and Queen Mary University; and leaders,church members, and experienced students who are available to meet up, support and mentor students.


The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The beliefs, values, philosophies and priorities of the campus ultimately shape the culture we all live in.

Throughout history, many world-changing movements have started or gained traction on the university campus. Now is the time for another movement to spring up, as young men and women encounter Jesus, commit to following him, and living lives that transform the world.

We have a dream to see the university campuses of London, the UK, and Europe transformed and, with all the nations represented, we believe that if we change the campus we will change the world.


We have student societies at Imperial College and Queen Mary University, and active students from many other universities in London, including Kings College, UCL, and SouthBank universities. Wherever you study or work, we’d love to support you and help you live on mission where you are too so please get in touch and get involved.

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