At Every Nation we value helping families to be healthy and succeed. Whether you are a single parent, or a couple struggling with the challenges of raising your children, we are here to help.

God's gift of Family

In a culture where healthy family life is more and more elusive and is even often being destroyed, we believe that the church family is a great environment in which every family can flourish and be encouraged.


It is true that “it takes a village” to raise children, and we invite you to find the help and support you need to experience all God has for your family your children to succeed. We have a number of things to help you fit in as a family..

  • Mums daytime connect groups
  • Fully equipped Parent room on a sunday with a video link to the church service
  • Dynamic Kids programme every Sunday for 18 months to 18 years.
  • Courses to help you build strong family life.

Marriage & Family Courses

We offer three courses in our local communities in West Kensington & Hammersmith, Slough and Stratford to equip and prepare you for every aspect of your family life.

It seems that it has never been more difficult to raise and sustain healthy families than it is in our time. As church family we are challenged to do everything we can to support families!

Please contact your local pastor or speak to Amanda who leads our family & marriage ministry.

Contact Amanda

Being a family to the lonely

London is one of the biggest cities in Europe, and yet it can feel like the loneliest place on earth.

One of God’s great promises is to ‘place the lonely into families’ (Psalm 68:8). As a church we consider ourselves a faith family and we desire to that family in which the lonely can find their place. Being accepted and doing life together is not only makes things easier, but it is also a source of great joy which we want everyone to experience.

Please make sure you are plugged into our church life. Immediate steps to that can be

  • being part of our Sunday service in your local area
  • becoming part of a connect group
  • joining a serving team
  • attending one of our current events

If you wish to know more about what is going on in and around your local church please speak to your local pastor or contact Traci who leads our community ministry.

contact Traci