Called to Community

Christians are called to and for community. Learn more about how we practically understand and express this call.

Our Communities

Jesus called his followers into community and to communities. Read on to see what we as a church understand as “our community” and what are we doing to get involved and see things changed?

One of the heart-breaking things we realized is that the need “out there” is simply too big for us. We cannot – and emphatically do not claim to – be the answer to all problems. However, there are contributions we can make.

We believe that we are called to three different levels of communities: local congregations, Europe and Third World. We work hard to coordinate our efforts in a way that we do justice to each of them.

Local Congregations: each of our congregation has an immediate community. A large part of our activities are aiming to minister to our local communities and practically share Jesus’ love for them. One example would be our food bank involvement that happens in all our London congregations, but is coordinated locally.

Europe: We have always been passionate to bring relief to the poorest of the poor in Europe. For many years our ‘Building missions’ to L’viv, Ukraine, have been our expression of community love for Europe.

Third World: We have often been prompted to respond to certain crisis and done so by giving financially. But the one thing we have consistently supported, both financially in through people we have sent there, is the Village of Hope in Grabouw.

Community Projects we're involved in

We love our communities! One of the most common misconceptions about Christianity is that our faith is all about leaving this earth and it’s people behind to enter into a “heavenly bliss”. Quite the opposite is the truth: we are called to our various communities, to love them and be salt and light for them (Matt 5:13ff). Our greatest hope is not to escape or exclude ourselves from, but to transform them!

Community transformation starts with personal transformation. We cannot give anything to our communities that we don’t possess ourselves. And this is where to gospel kicks in: by following Jesus we become more and more like him to shine his light of hope into a dark world.

“You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world.”
Matt 5:14 (Message Translation)

Click here to see some of the projects we have supported over the years to practically express our love for our communities.