Our Call to Nations

We are called to London, but we carry the nations in our heart. Join us on our exciting adventure across Europe and beyond!

A big vision for Church Planting...

We believe that together with our world-wide Every Nation family we have an apostolic mandate “to honor God by establishing Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation.” Our big dream is to do this in “every nation in our generation!

As a local church we have experienced a special grace to envision, equip and send leaders to plant churches out of our original Hammersmith congregation. To date, since starting our original congregation in 1993, we have had the privilege to send leaders via London to plant churches in:

  • China (exact location withheld. This was the result of 7 years of annual missions to a campus/city, now a thriving church exists with local leadership reached on one mission!)
  • Dublin, Ireland (2002)
  • Stratford, east London (2003)
  • Madrid, Spain (2009)
  • Slough, west of London (2009)
  • Gent, Belgium (2010)
  • Our latest current (2015) church plant we are supporting is in Belfast, Northern Ireland (Being led by a leader originally on the London team to Dublin in 2002, now going from Dublin to Belfast.) – see here for the Every Nation Belfast website.

We have also been actively involved in resourcing the start-ups of Every Nation churches in places like Marseille, Salzburg, and Berlin, and are privileged to play a very active role in resourcing, supporting, and equipping the Every Nation churches across 10 nations in Europe. Pastor Wolfi currently fulfils the role of leading the Every Nation Europe Leadership Team (RLT) which supports and oversees the Every Nation churches and church planting mission in Europe.  He is also a part of the Every Nation International Apostolic Team which oversees our worldwide ministry.

Our 2020 Europe Church Planting Initiative...

We are actively casting a big vision for church planting in Europe through the “Europe 2020 Church Planting Initiative.” This initiative is focussed on identifying, equipping and sending 20 leaders to be a part of new church plants across Europe by 2020. Launched in 2013, our first 4 “2020 leaders” have already landed in Belfast and the church plant will launch in 2015.

Perhaps you can be one of the 20 leaders to fulfill the 2020 vision!


Do you feel called to be a part of a church plant?

Jesus promised to build His church…

I will build My church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

For those who feel called to be a part of a church plant, or even lead one yourself, we have a well established church plant process that we follow to evaluate and prepare those who will lead.  But the journey always starts in a local church, where leadership is developed and tested. Your local church pastor is firstly responsible to develop you with input and opportunities, and will make a recommendation to the RLT to begin the process of engaging with the ABC3 preparation process.

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